Aunty Titania reads The Same but Different

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So – there are some real treats that come with being an author (aside from royalties!). These include:

  • seeing your books be conceived, developed, written, edited (quite a journey!), illustrated and then born. It’s a wonderful process and I get to work with great editors.
  • knowing that your books are doing some great work supporting children, and supporting parents/carers to support their children, ‘out there’
  • feedback from, or involvement with, children and schools about work or creations your books have inspired
  • getting to take part in events, conferences and training days where you get to share your theory, thoughts, passions and ideas.
  • having random requests pop up in your email box (I nearly always say yes) and making connections globally.
  • getting involved in community projects
  • helping other authors with the process of getting published
  • being asked to write material other than books
  • interviews – I LOVE interviews because it turns out I am quite chatty!
  • travelling to India and Qatar to be involved in training and projects that were linked to my books. I also got to deliver some training to visitors from Nigeria.
  • linking with other authors.
  • making promotional videos or – and this comes to mind – driving to Coventry to tell a room full of sales people how best to sell my book. I went a little ‘Outside the Box’ (the name of the books I was talking about) and I think I left them speechless!
  • being translated into other languages (still seems very exciting to me): Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Italian, German, Greek, Welsh etc
  • very occasionally attending an award ceremony or a publisher’s celebration event (spending a social evening with the likes of Bill Oddie and Nick Sharratt) where I get to dress up extremely ‘posh’ – for me!

But the treat of all treats was last Sunday. Aunty Titania reading my latest book, ‘The Same but Different‘.

‘I’m not very funny,’ said Aunty Titania backstage as she adjusted her curves and the voluminous mop of ginger on her head. That was such a lie! She has that rare talent that can make children and adults both laugh at the same time and she bought my could-be-seen-as-really-quite-serious non-fiction book to life. With sparkles, banjolele and high heels I could never tame: she nailed it! More of that please!

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