Emotion Posters

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I put together the following five A4 emotion posters for use with my pupils at school. The emotions are straightforward on sheet 1 and progress to more sophisticated emotions by sheet 6. These can be used to develop children’s emotional literacy in a variety of ways.

Here are a few examples of how they could be used.

  1. Start with sheet 1 as a poster on your child’s wall and as your child gets older, add subsequent sheets to develop their emotional vocabulary. At bedtime, ask your child to find at least one emotion they remember feeling that day and why they felt it.
  2. Point to an emotion and ask your child what might have happened for a person to feel that way.
  3. Ask your child to find an emotion in the same family tree as e.g. happy, sad. scared or angry etc
  4. Ask your child to choose and emotion and get them to pull the face of someone experiencing that emotion and say something someone might say when they were feeling that way (including the appropriate tone of voice) until you can guess which emotion they are ‘acting’.
  5. Cut the emotions out and ask your child to create a new poster of ‘comfortable and uncomfortable emotions or put them into groups of similar emotions. You could find more words to add to each poster.

If you send me your email address, I will send you the word document in which they are saved. Your poster will have better definition that way.