How are you feeling today? activity and sticker book by Molly Potter

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My How are you feeling today? – activity and sticker book very much complements my How are you Feeling today?  book, although both can be used purposefully on their own. The book focuses on the same twelve emotions included in How are you feeling today? namely those of feeling: happy, sad, scared. angry, excited, bored, jealous, quiet, shy, grumpy, worried and embarrassed. It includes activities that help young children develop their emotional literacy further, including:

  • Matching facial expressions to emotions
  • Looking at where feelings are felt in the body
  • Deciding which emotions are enjoyable and which are unenjoyable
  • Deciding what you might be likely to feel like doing when you feel any particular emotion
  • Guessing what a child might be feeling because of what they have said or what they are thinking
  • Trying to describe emotions or think what they might look, sound or taste like etc
  • Looking at what might trigger different emotions
  • Considering coping strategies
  • Tracking your feelings through a day
  • Considering different levels of anger and how to calm yourself or use up the energy anger creates
  • A simple look at reframing our thoughts to change how we feel about something that happened
  • Considering feeling worried or scared
  • Thinking about what we might want to do when we feel quiet
  • Looking at what might help with shyness
  • Looking at what might help with jealousy
  • Considering what is true about embarrassment and when we feel it

So for a little book – there’s a lot in it!

For a peek at it, you could have a look at a video I made for Word Book Day about it here.