Videos to support the teaching and learning of emotional literacy


Despite being a very amateur filmmaker and my ‘Gatwick twang’, I have decided to make a video each week on topics relating to emotional literacy and resilience. The videos are probably most suited to Key Stage 2 aged children although some parts of each video are probably accessible to younger children. The videos could be used in the classroom as part of a PSHE program or at home by parents and carers. I cover a lot in each video and set tasks and/or prompt discussions along the way, so I would encourage viewers to stop the videos to allow time to complete tasks or discuss topics further. I might make a workbook to go alongside these videos at some point if this looks like it will be useful.

Although each video is stand alone and can be watched in isolation, the way I will regularly consolidate what I have covered before means the vidoes are best watched in order. 

I will add the link on this post to each video as I produce them.


  • What can we say about emotions?  Part 1    What are emotions?

Explores what emotions are and what might trigger different emotions.

  • What can we say about emotions? Part 2    Enjoyable and unenjoyable emotions

Explores the idea of emotions being enjoyable and unenjoyable. Starts to look at the effect emotions have on us.

  • What can we say about emotions?  Part 3    Emotions have different strengths

Explores the idea of emotions having different ‘strengths’. Also looks at the varied vocabularly for happiness, sadness and anger and how strongly each word might indicate we are experiencing any particular emotion.

  • What can we say about emotions? Part 4    How emotions affect us  

Looks at the effect emotions can have on us.

  • What can we say about emotions? Part 5    Getting good at recognising when you are feeling an unenjoyable emotion and what triggered it. 

Emotional check-ins and prompts to help children think what might have triggered unenjoyable emotions.

  • What can we cay about emotions?  Part 6    Exploring the link between thoughts and emotions

Looking how different interpretations of the same event can lead to quite different emotions being triggered


  • What can we say about emotions?  Part 7   Emotional responses

Exploring our emotional responses to different things that happen - what helps, what doesn't?

And more...

I aim to complete a video a week and future topics will include:

Links between emotions, thoughts and behaviour, empathy, anger and anger management, anxiety, low mood, looking at individual emotions, emotion check ‘ins’, moods, resilience and more.