Educational Training

I deliver bespoke training or talks for your organisation in many fields relating to wellbeing. If you’re looking for something creative, thought-provoking, informative and a little out of the ordinary – book me now!


Emotional literacy can have hugely beneficial impact or how successful a person is and how easy they find life. Not convinced? Read this blog post or watch Molly’s video here.

Examples of Molly’s emotional literacy training include:

  • How to develop emotional literacy in children – for parents/carers, teachers and other organisations – including practical ideas for use with children
  • Exploring Molly’s ten tips for developing emotional literacy
  • Anger management – helping children manage this tricky emotion
  • What is emotional literacy (really!) and why is it important? Does anyone need persuading?


Molly’s training in this area includes topics such as:

  • Supporting children to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Top ten tips for helping children and young people manage anxiety
  • Helping children develop coping strategies to improve resilience
  • Developing self-esteem – how do we do this?


After working for ten years with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties who struggle to self-regulate, and with a book published in behaviour management, Molly can deliver training on:

  • Positive behaviour management
  • Managing challenging behaviours
  • Attachment theory and addressing attachment issues in the classroom
  • Supporting parents/carers to consider ‘good enough’ parenting


Having been a county advisor for several years in wellbeing and all things PSHE (with a special focus on RSE), and with two RSE published books, Molly can deliver training on:

  • Strategies for helping teachers feel comfortable teaching RSE
  • Helping parents/carers feel understand the benefits of RSE
  • Developing a suitable and age appropriate RSE curriculum
  • Active learning techniques to get discussions really going in PSHE!


Linked to the contents of Molly’s book, ‘Let’s talk about when someone dies’, Molly delivers a workshop that considers how best to support children who have been bereaved. Her workshop explores:

  • The understanding of death for different age groups
  • The emotional impact
  • What a grieving child might need


Suitable for school staff and any other organisation, Molly’s team building day can include:

  • Personality profiling and communication
  • Getting to know each other even more!
  • Self-awareness raising – emotional literacy, exploring attitudes and values, defensive behaviours, preferred team culture etc
  • Fun!

Some examples of Molly’s training

  • Emotional literacy training and sessions delivered to school staff and separate sessions for parents/carers
  • Teaching emotional literacy through drama at the EPOP Festival for early years
  • An interactive workshop for the Mosaic Charity: supporting bereaved children – relating to her book ‘Let’s talk about when someone dies’
  • Behaviour management training delivered to schools in India for The Achievers Programme and individual schools
  • Relationships and sex education (RSE) training for teachers for the Madeleine Lindley training programme and individual schools
  • Team-building days for School Staff (and other organisations) – personality profiling and team fun!

Molly Potter delivers unique and impactful training days that will have you laughing and enjoying yourself while you gain valuable insights into many areas of personal development and emotional wellbeing.

“Refreshing to have a trainer with confidence and great material. Very informative – Molly knows her stuff and is clearly a very creative individual and that benefits her training. There was never a dull moment. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I learnt loads and I am sure our team will be all the better for the learning we have.”

Nigel Wood, Head teacher, Norwich