Educational Training

I deliver bespoke training or talks for parents/carers, teachers and other organisations in many fields relating to emotional intelligence and wellbeing. If you’re looking for something creative, thought-provoking, informative, that includes practical ideas for immediate use, and perhaps something a little out of the ordinary – book me now!

Scroll down for examples of what I offer. Sessions are always bespoke.


Emotional intelligence has a hugely beneficial impact on how successful a person is, how well they manage relationships, their wellbeing and how easily they navigate life! Not convinced? Read my blog post.

Examples of my emotional literacy training include:

  • Most recently in highest demand: Supporting children’s ‘behaviour that challenges’ with awareness of emotions.
  • How to help children become better at managing their emotions – for parents/carers, teachers and other organisations – theory and practical tools.
  • Exploring emotions using activities, drama and games.
  • Anger management – helping children (or adults) manage this tricky emotion.


My training in this area includes topics such as:

  • A wellbeing audit based on managing emotions, coping strategies, support mechanisms and communication and creating a wellbeing charter for your organisation.
  • Supporting children to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing: habits for a healthy mind.
  • Addressing anxiety and being more resourceful about anger.
  • Helping children develop coping strategies to improve resilience.


After working for ten years with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties who struggle to self-regulate, I deliver training on:

  • Most recently in highest demand: Supporting behaviour that challenges using emotional coaching – including practical tools for immediate use.
  • Supporting behaviour using tools that reduce shame and encourage self-regulation.
  • Looking at the back-story of behaviours – what behaviour is communicating.
  • Supporting parents/carers to address behaviour that challenges.


Having been a county advisor for several years in all things PSHE (with a special focus on primary RSE), and with two RSE published books, I deliver training on:

  • Strategies for helping teachers feel comfortable teaching RSE
  • Helping parents/carers understand the benefits of RSE
  • Developing a suitable and age appropriate RSE curriculum
  • Active learning techniques to get discussions really going in PSHE!


Linked to the contents of my book, ‘Let’s talk about when someone dies’, I deliver a workshop that considers how best to support children who have been bereaved. My workshop explores:

  • The understanding of death for different age groups.
  • The emotional impact.
  • Considering the needs of a grieving child.
  • Addressing the panic some adults might feel when supporting a bereaved child.


Suitable for school staff and any other organisation, my team building days can include:

  • Fun activities for getting to know each other even more!
  • Listening skills and effective communication
  • Self-awareness raising – curiosity about emotions, exploring attitudes and values, defensive behaviours, preferred team culture etc.
  • Personality profiling – which helps us understand why some people come from such different angles!

Some examples of my training:

(scroll down for some more detailed documents outlining examples of the training I deliver)

  • Exploring emotions – training and sessions delivered to school or nursery staff and separate sessions for parents/carers
  • Teaching children about their emotions through drama and games at the EPOP Festival for early years
  • Top ten tips for wellbeing for parents and carers in a variety of schools.
  • An interactive workshop for the Mosaic Charity: supporting bereaved children – relating to her book ‘Let’s talk about when someone dies’
  • ‘Supporting behaviour that challenges’ training delivered to schools in India for The Achievers Programme and individual schools
  • Relationships and sex education (RSE) training for teachers for the Madeleine Lindley training programme and individual schools
  • Team-building days for School Staff, GPs (and other organisations) – personality profiling and team fun!

I deliver enjoyable, unique and impactful training days so you gain valuable insights into many areas of personal development and emotional wellbeing.

“Refreshing to have a trainer with confidence and great material. Very informative – Molly knows her stuff and is clearly a very creative individual and that benefits her training. There was never a dull moment. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I learnt loads and I am sure our team will be all the better for the learning we have.”

Nigel Wood, Head teacher, Norwich