Sessions for School



Molly Potter - Sessions for School

Molly has delivered training for teachers, sessions for pupils and sessions for parents/ carers. The sessions can be tailored to your needs. The topics of these sessions have included: 

  • Understanding emotions and emotional literacy
    An overview for understanding emotions, what emotional literacy is and why it is important
  • Emotional literacy in the curriculum – principles and ideas
    Interactive training session for teachers about what and how to teach emotional literacy using active learning techniques
  • Becoming an emotionally literate school
    A whole school approach to emotional literacy
  • Supporting mental health
    Looking at the supporting principles of mental health and how a school can implement them – via a while school approach and the curriculum
  • Anger management
    A detailed look at how to support children to manage anger in a resourceful way


Flexible delivery

Molly will happily deliver (for example)

  • Sessions via videoconferencing
  • A teacher training day followed by a session for parents/carers
  • Work with pupils and then deliver a staff meeting
  • A whole school assembly followed by workshops for pupils
  • etc
And something a bit different…
  • Author question and answer sessions