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Positive mental health tools - for Children's Mental health Week

I wrote, ‘What’s going on inside my head?’ as a tool to help parents/carers and teachers start conversations with children about looking after mental health. Like physical health, mental health also needs continuous maintenance. I always feel that positive mental health has no quick-fix, magic wand solutions and working at it requires good habits in the same way as physical health does.

Low-mood menu

We all know what ‘moods’ are but we don’t often give them a lot of thought. Such little thought is paid to them, in fact, that we tend to limit their description to ‘good’ or ‘bad’, even though they can ‘flavour’ everything we are doing. Moods are not like emotions because we can just wake up with a mood; a mood is not always linked directly to an obvious stimulus like emotions are and moods can be less intense. I see them as more like a background, baseline thing, off which certain emotions might be more or less likely to be triggered. e.g.

Anxiety - a very uncomfortable emotion

Anxiety seems to be very much on the up. I don’t think this is overly surprising. The world seems to be getting a lot less emotionally gentle. It seems more individualistic, faster-paced, more competitive, less community orientated, less reflective and there seems to be a lack of patience and empathy (which equates to taking time to understand others). We also have distilled global news full of shocking, inhumane injustices, available at fingerpoint and we have a sense of not really being able to do very much about any of it.