Anxiety - a very uncomfortable emotion

Anxiety seems to be very much on the up. I don’t think this is overly surprising. The world seems to be getting a lot less emotionally gentle. It seems more individualistic, faster-paced, more competitive, less community orientated, less reflective and there seems to be a lack of patience and empathy (which equates to taking time to understand others). We also have distilled global news full of shocking, inhumane injustices, available at fingerpoint and we have a sense of not really being able to do very much about any of it.

The emotions of returning to ‘normal’

I often marvel at how the emotions of situations are so rarely acknowledged despite their incredibly powerful, influential and potentially disatrous impact. This returning to ‘normal’ – well the new version of it - is no exception. There is an almost brutal expectation that we all just get on with it again and any attempts to express fraught feelings are at best shrugged off or at worst frowned upon. The danger of this – and I have already witnessed it – is that the strain emerges in displaced forms.