Testimonials for talks and training


 A very enthusiastic, insightful speaker. Engages well and manages to convey ideas in an interesting and novel way. Should improve the way we interact and communicate at our team meetings. 
Katie McIntyre GP, Magdalen Medical Practice, Norwich

 Refreshing to have a trainer with confidence and great material. Very informative – Molly knows her stuff and is clearly a very creative individual and that benefits her training. There was never a dull moment. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I learnt loads and I am sure our team will be all the better for the learning we have. 
Nigel Wood, Head teacher, Norwich

 We gained valuable insights of our practice team in a fun and relaxed format. I would recommend Molly to any partnership wishing to improve team efficiency, effectiveness and internal harmony. 
Robert Minns, GP, Norwich

 Thought-provoking and I had several ''penny-drop'' moments and a lot of fun as well.  
Tina Mackintosh. School Governor

 I came in sceptical at the start of the day but was soon fully involved and forgot to be reticent!  
Sharon Goddard, school nurse, Active Learning training

 Thank you also for being so organised and delivering what you said you would deliver and more!  
Hannah Kerr, primary school teacher, The Clare School, Norwich

 Yesterday''s training was the best training day I''ve ever been to.  
Jenny Roberts, school teacher, Heartsease Primary