Emotion Scavenger Hunt!

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Emotion Scavenger Hunt

An activity for parents to do with their children at home is an emotion scavenger hunt. (It can be adapted for the classroom too.)

Simply set children the task of trying to find the representation of as many different emotions as they can within the environment they are in (usually home). There needs to be a ban on the use of computers!

How the children ‘collect’ these emotions depends on their age. You could give children a camera or phone to take a picture of the emotions they find or just ask them to describe the emotion they saw and/or bring any available evidence of it (e.g. a book or a toy).

Places where children can look for emotion include:

  • Books – picture books for younger children, story books for older children
  • Leaflets, posters, adverts etc.
  • The TV – they can switch channels!
  • The faces on toys
  • Paintings on the wall
  • Family photo albums
  • Any pictures on household items like mugs, tea-towels, T-shirts, food packets etc
  • If they are getting creative, making faces out of different objects!
  • The faces of people they see.

You could just start with trying to find happy, sad, angry and scared and continue until all of these are found, but if other emotions are collected on the way, this can give bonus points!

Alternatively (and much easier), you could set the task of asking children to find as many smiles as they can find.

On a very quick sweep around my house just now, I found…. angry, happy, pleased, cheerful, confused and shocked! I get bonus points for using happy, cheerful and pleased to allow three similar emotions!