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I am a best-selling author with more than 30 books published.

For Children

For Parents/Carers and Teachers

Books for Children

These non-fiction picture books cover a variety of wellbeing topics and are suitable for children to read with an adult or to explore on their own.

Illustrated by the wonderful Sarah Jennings.

Recommended by the Sue Atkins ITVs Parenting Coach’s Book Club

What Makes Me Do The Things I Do?

Exploring the pros and cons of different behaviours

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The Same but Different

Helping children to celebrate difference

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It’s OK to Cry

Understanding triggers for different emotions and increasing emotion vocabulary

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What’s Going On Inside My Head?

Ideas to help children maintain positive mental health

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What’s Worrying You?

Helping children manage situations that often trigger worry

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How Are You Feeling Today?

Looking at different emotions and what you could do when you feel them

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Will You Be My Friend?

Exploring friendships

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Let’s Talk About When Someone Dies

Helping newly bereaved children or those just curious about death

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Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees

The facts explained, with the only euphemism being the title!

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How Are You Feeling Today? Activity and Sticker Book

Engaging activities for developing emotional literacy

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“Molly Potter’s books are just gorgeous and this one is another winner! Lots of great thoughts, ideas and practical ways to discuss diversity in all its forms. With Sarah Jennings’ illustrations, they are perfect books”

Kathy Brodie – Early Years expert and host of Early Years TV

Books for Parents/Carers and Teachers

Molly has written teaching resources and books for parents/carers on a variety of topics mostly relating to wellbeing and creative thinking

“This is one of those books where you think ‘it looks good on paper, can it really be that good in real life?’, and, I have to say, this book is better that various other I have tried. The children were naturally enthusiastic to several of these lessons (no mean feat, all things considered) and many children displayed hidden depths.”

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