School Sessions

I visit schools (libraries and book shops) and deliver talks, interactive sessions, and/or teach children about many topics relating to emotional intelligence, behaviour, mental health and wellbeing. Sessions are always tailored to your requests.

Scroll down for examples of what I offer.

Sessions have included, for example:

  • Interactive (and fun!) session based on my bestselling book, ‘How are you feeling today?’ exploring different emotions.
  • Interactive sessions relating to any of my other books.
  • Assemblies about emotions.
  • Sessions where parents/carers and their children are led through discussions about emotions with each other.
  • My top ten tips for children to get better at managing emotions.
  • Managing anger so it doesn’t make things worse!
  • How do I keep my mind healthy?
  • Drama activities and games for teaching emotional intelligence.
  • Anxiety busters for children and young people.
  • Wellbeing workshops for children
  • The ‘sex parts’ of RSE (relationships and sex education) at Key Stages 1 and 2 puberty, sex, reproduction, pregnancy, ‘the period talk’, appropriate touch etc

And occasionally…

  • Do you want to be a writer?
  • How do you get a book published?

“Thank you also for being so organised and delivering what you said you would deliver and more!”

Hannah Kerr, Primary School teacher, The Clare School, Norwich