My latest book: What Makes Me Do the Things I Do?

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What is this book?

What Makes Me Do the Things I do? is a book that prompts children (and adults!) to reflect upon their behaviour. It does this by taking twelve behaviours children sometimes do for example: telling lies, losing their temper, cheating, saying mean things or giving up, and explores four reasons why we might sometimes end up doing these things. The second page after each ‘unhelpful’ behaviour, considers the possible benefits of doing the ‘opposite’ behaviour.

A description of one two page spread

So for example, one double page spread explores staying cross with someone or forgiving them. It offers reasons why we might stay cross with a friend such as it being easier to sulk or moan than sort things out or that we might think it’s up to the other person to sort out the situation. The next page reflects upon why forgiving someone is (nearly) always better because it always makes us feel better in the end and we all make mistakes, so it’s good to know we can all be forgiven.

Pages for parents/carers in the back

The back pages of the book give a few tips for parents/carers and teachers about behaviour. Obviously these are brief as the topic of behaviour management usually warrants a whole book but hopefully there are a few useful prompts and reminders in there for most people.

An interview about the book

I spoke more in depth about my book (and even a little about what I get up to in my spare time) in an interview with Reading Zone which can be read here: What Makes Me Do the Things I Do?