Name your brain!

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My daughter told me ages ago that she named her brain, ‘Jenny’. Strictly speaking, it was more than just her brain, it was also her emotions and sensations so I think she really named her psyche, ‘Jenny’!

The idea that naming your brain, so that you see it, and its trickery as slightly distant from ‘you’, means you’re more likely to see its negativity bias and its tendency to overwhelmingly convince you that what you are feeling is the be all and end all and that’s you’ll never escape it! Mockingly telling you brain off for its catastrophising, ruminating, paranoia and negative self-talk can sometimes help you detach enough from it to see it for what it is: often transient nonsense that you really don’t have to buy in to!

This might seem like a slightly bizarre idea but I have had children tell me it works -especially when it comes to the brain’s negativity bias. If we manage to observe our brain’s ‘goings on’, detach ourselves to the position of an observer or even transcend our thoughts, and the emotions linked to them, we give less control over to our emotions and gain more flexibility in managing them.