What can we say about happiness?

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My latest video explores both the emotion of joy and the kind of happiness that’s about how content we are in our lives.

It can be found here: What can we say about happiness?

Key messages in the video include:

  • There is more than one kind of happiness.
  • There is happiness experienced as joy that’s not long lasting and is triggered by something we really enjoy.
  • There is a more general happiness that is about how content and pleased we are with our lives in general.
  • We should not expect to feel joy often and certainly not all the time – that is unrealistic.
  • ‘Life happiness’ is dependent on lots of things – many of which we have some control over such as eating well, exercising, taking time to relax, spending time in nature, investing in friendships, developing emotional literacy, self-compassion, developing an optimistic outlook, finding things we love to do, setting goals for ourselves, and practising kindness.