Empathy Walk

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For empathy day, which was a while ago now, I was inspired by the Empathy Lab to go on an empathy walk. As I set out I had no idea other than I would wander in my local neighbourhood trying to imagine how people might be feeling.  It turned out to be a highly interactive walk as I needed to get permission from anyone I took footage of to be included in the film or occasionally, I had to ask people to repeat what they had just done which I fully admit was cheating. The interactions in itself made it a great experience.

I guess the overarching idea was to help develop the ability to step into others’ shoes more readily. It’s a healthy thing to do as we know empathy makes us more likely to be kind and compassionate towards others. Helping children attempt to tune into how other people might be feeling also helps a child develop emotional literacy and makes an aggressive or unhelpful response less likely.

Here is the brief video: An empathy walk

And here is another video I made about empathy.  What can we say about emotions? Part 11 Empathy