It’s OK to Cry – it really is!

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I have mentioned in a previous blog post just how important it is to talk to boys about emotions and not to give the message that showing vulnerability or upset is ‘not what boys do.’

In this video, I explain how one of my books was written with boys in mind as it’s about challenging this conditioning. A friend of mine who is the parent of a four year old boy said they felt guilty when they read it to their child which made me feel good and bad in equal message. I don’t like triggering negative emotions in others (who dies?) – but I guess the book must have challenged the prevalent conditioning a little!

Here’s a picture of my friend’s son – looking quite happy that he turned out to be the boy on the front of the book and that he has a badge made by the wonderful illustrator of the book: Sarah Jennings, that also looks rather like him!

It’s OK to cry  – it really is!

Picture posted with permission.